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Studio Build – Secondary Structure

Wall framework etc all going up this week. The perimeter platform is ‘scaffolding’ which is made from our timber, and will be used in the build – nothing is wasted, and nor are we having to pay out for scaffolding hire, which can mount up. It will get removed once the walls are complete. The nature of the structure is gradually becoming more evident – it’s a ‘baggy’ secondary structure that sits around and away from the main frame, allowing you to walk between column and wall. Pretty much everything here is being exposed in the finished building – the studs are all visible, as is the silver insulation, and the flooring. I don’t have a big deal particularly about ‘honesty’ in buildings (or maybe I do, but rather, I shy away from the lazy and cod morality that often sits alongside this) but I am interested in how the process of assembly  becomes the architecture. I’m interested in how the description of a building is inextricably bound up in it’s tectonic language and method of construction, rather than just an idealised description of space. What isn’t visible, yet, is the areas of transparency – or really how the building sits in the woods.

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Studio Progress – Roof On

A great few days, and a great place to get to after just 2 weeks on site after the frame went up. This is designed to be an exercise in simple and swift construction that can depend entirely on people who have limited experience in building construction, but instead possess something much more important – resourcefulness, common sense, determination and good humour.  With thanks to Alan Matthews, Bernard Twist, Cuffer, Simon and Alfie.

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