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McLean’s Mansion

Went today to visit an old earthquake damaged house to see if it could be transformed into a Performing Arts Centre. Astonished to see what happens to a timber framed building with masonry chimney breasts and lath and plaster walls if it’s shaken for a minute or so.

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Sign Language

Beautiful delicate shadow sign spotted in passing today

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Cardboard Cathedral Progress

Shigeru Ban’s Cardboard Cathedral – really like the quality of light inside.

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Sunset, Sumner, Christchurch

Being English, I never get used to the thrill of the ocean… this is the sight that usually greets me on my cycle back to Sumner from the Central City as I round the point after Redcliffs. There’s something extraordinary about a city that has the wild, visceral beauty of the ocean lapping at its edges. I think it is the main thing we’ll all miss when we return home after our stint here.

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On the Road Again (with Shipping Container Art)

In Christchurch, NZ, heading out to Sumner. I’m usually on the bike, but today had to drive… always miss the ride when I can’t do it.

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