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    Bang on Piers, thank you on behalf of many of us in this industry who feel the same way but haven’t had either the same level of ‘woke’ (as my kids would say) or the balls to say it out loud. You have hit the nail on the head, to use a slightly appropriate phrase.

    As an architect fast approaching 60 and made redundant in December (yes, thank you for that, the ironically named Places for People) I can testify to the desperate Merry-go-round that is the London Bubble that I and many of my colleagues have been sucked into.

    Yes, for a while it seemed like we were changing the world with our New London Vernacular and our earnest respect for our Victorian forefathers. But sadly I’ve come to a similar conclusion to you, that in the end it’s all pretty meaningless and we’re all just fiddling whilst Rome burns. And worse than Nero we seem to be throwing logs on the fire in between fiddling.

    I would like to create a simpler and more meaningful life for me and my family and draw both comfort and inspiration from your projects; also from others such as my dear friend Marcus who lives a wonderful hermit-life existence in his woodland. It is possible, it is attainable but just requires a bit of bravery….

    So on behalf of the London circus I’d like to wish a happy fucking new year and all the bollocks that comes with it.

    Kind regards

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    Fucking Ditto.
    (Also, thanks for bringing architecture into our American lives via Netflix).

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