House. Small. But Perfectly Formed.

We’re trying not to do any more houses, ever – as ultimately our interests are way beyond the one off, private house. In the realm of the private house, the conversation cannot typically stray into one which takes in the consequences of architecture, and instead deals with architecture as object. But, as an antidote to the bigger projects that the studio is dealing with, this little house has been a delight as a design exercise – where 2 very disparate adjacent houses are bridged with a new infill house, which sits adjacent to a public footpath that runs down the side of the new building. It’s definitely got context, it’s also going to be very low energy, and may well be the last one off house we take on.

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  1. Posted June 4, 2017 at 2:10 am | Permalink

    I’ve just wrote a comment at your post Architecture & Ethics giving you CONGRATULATIONS for yours position about the Clients…
    . I hope you reconsider yours opinion about the Private House’s Client, BECAUSE – I really know – it’s truly difficult to talk with them ABOUT ARCHITECTURE – the BIG CONTEXT…
    . But that’s THE REASON WHY we, as Architects, MUST DO IT: Otherwise , WHO is gonna talk to the nonprofessional about WHAT & HOW IMPORTANT is the ARCHITECTURE, and what CAN we do for the HARMONY?!…

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