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Moonshine Campfire Talk

What are the consequences of architecture? How can we measure them? What is the social territory of a place? How can architecture be part of this? In the next of an ongoing series of talks, Onion Collective talk about their 8 year journey in initiating a major new cultural facility at East Quay, Watchet that opens this summer. The project was made possible by the largest award ever (£5.3m) from the Coastal Community Fund in part due to the comprehensive research and social mapping carried out by the Onion Collective. Invisible Studio describe the journey in designing the project, which they have described as ‘post architecture’ in a context where they tried to unlearn the restrictive architetcure as building dogma that prevails. Booking essential. Places limited.   

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The New Normal

Piers Taylor will be talking  about his reflections on lockdown, why architecture and architectural practice needs to become more resilient and free itself from its relationship with power and money, why urban conglomerations are still our best hope, why we need to separate food production from agriculture, why institutions don’t work, why we are all still citizens of everywhere and much more. Book HERE




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