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    Piers Taylor is a unique human being with heart and mind soundly bridged, personally and in his professional aims with inspired architecturally designed thoughtful actions on who we are, how we should live and why, what our purpose is in life, guardians governing powerful forces, strategically focused sustaining life’s resources. Architecture of Mr Taylor’s making is the only way forward as it is tangible, reflecting what is in hearts, minds for future generations to build upon.
    Am an optimistic psychologist currently living in backwoods and with hope by my side, my heart’s desire is for simple dwelling similar in style and nature as Mr Piers Taylor’s beautiful daughter, reviving my senses for as as long as I live, behind which lies no trace apart from some sign of growth nurtured nourishing next little steps. Best Wishes for Mr Piers Taylor and team inspired by such a great leader in truthful conservative living. Kerryanne

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