We’re recruiting.

We’re looking for an unusual architect to work with us or for us. This is the start of a two way conversation, so we have no preconceptions about the formal structure of our relationship.

It’s likely that we’ll need someone with a fair amount of constructional/detailing experience – we’re assuming that this isn’t a part 1 or 2 student, but we may be wrong.

You will need to be REALLY technically adept though. Well versed in current regulatory compliance. Someone efficient. Really self motivated. Someone who can develop their own role without someone standing over them.

Someone who is looking for something a little unusual, but with no expectations that we need not, at times, deal with the ordinary. We don’t want the presumption that this job will change your life, and we don’t want you to be too needy. But at times, there may be the opportunity to get involved with things that are really exceptional.

It will be a roller coaster. Practice is like that. Life is like that. If that’s a problem, steer clear, as you’re unlikely to find banal stability here. If there’s one thing we are, it’s creatively restless.

We get people having lives and responsibilities of their own. Kids, other interests, other priorities. That’s why we want you to define your terms, and the things you need in return. And we’d like you to bring some of that to us, some of your stuff.

The projects we’re working on are geographically far flung. You should know where we’re based, though, despite our invisibility.

Please email a brief CV to info@invisiblestudio.org  Tell us a little about what you’ve done, and how you’ve done it, but please don’t try too hard to impress us.

It may be a little while until we respond, so thanks, in the meantime, for bearing with us.

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