Lecture in Vienna


Accompanying Programm to the Glenn Murcutt exhibition

Introduction and work presentation : Wed, January 25 2012, 7pm, Podium Az W (2)


Françoise Fromonot travelled to Australia in 1991 to research the work of Glenn Murcutt, who was almost entirely unknown in Europe at the time. The result was the book Glenn Murcutt. Buildings and Projects, which introduced his architecture to a European public for the first time. In a later edition he addressed Murcutt’s impact on the following generation primarily through his teaching work. Françoise Fromonot holds a brief lecture on Glenn Murcutt’s work and approach.

Piers Taylor is a partner in the architecture office Mitchell Taylor Workshop in Bath (UK). In 2001 he participated in the first annual Glenn Murcutt Master Class. In a presentation of works he talks about his own approach to architecture, which is deeply inspired by Murcutt — whose influence clearly goes beyonda purely formal translation of the architectural vocabulary.


7pm Dietmar Steiner, Az W, welcome address

7.10pm Francoise Fromonot, professor at the ENSA de Paris-Belleville:

Introductory lecture about Glenn Murcutt

7.45pm Piers Taylor, architect, Mitchell Taylor Workshop, Bath:

work presentation

Pictures from the talk, above

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