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    Hooke Park, started me off. ABK and Cullinan showed contrasting takes within the wood tech experimentation. Now Piers Taylors` Invisisble Studio somewhat sophistiscted 4×2 plywood remake of Murcutts outback domesticity cements his frustration with practice and the sustainable label applied to many things, but ignored by most. His supermarket crit was more important knowing that the big 4 provide 70% of UK food supply……………some are starting to rethink somethings, but after so many years of the Tesco model (which is still the same). The City farms project sadly sending a wrong message?………to who ?……the bankers have been buying up Cornwall for years provoking the planners vernacular straigh-jacket to anything new. PT blasts their conservatism, the normative fear of the new and architects complicity,obviously.

    Practice is frustrating, clients hard to convince and Ted Cullinans`recent criticism at the RIBA (see July evening lecture video) really hits the mark,……………… Architects opt out of contesting and conform to the planning dictates……….in a downturn oblige their clients with more of the same.
    PT might make a difference……..

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