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Separated By 10 Years

Much has been written – particularly by Jeremy Till – about architects’ obsession with the fiction of the image of the just completed building, from which people, possessions, time and entropy are banished. For many architects this point, with the illusion of control, is the fleeting moment that represents a kind of perfection – which the reality can never match. We’ve been guilty of that at times. But also, we’ve come to enjoy the delicious anarchy of occupation that comes with life, and believe strongly that architecture at its best can cope with this. These two photographs above were taken exactly 10 years apart, and show the effect of the passage of time on Moonshine.

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Stillpoint Roofscape

Nice picture of the context in Bath in which Stillpoint sits (the project is visible on the left of the image, just down from middle). We loved working in an urban context here – the weaving together of a series of new urban spaces in such a rich context is a rare opportunity. Photo by David Robinson

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